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Annexure e for a passport 

Annexure e for passport

Passports are the foremost common, and also the foremost reliable kind of self identification not just within the country but all across the earth . When
applying for a passport, you can choose to do it in either one of the two ways- the first is to use through the normal procedure which can take a short time to arrive. and therefore the opposite option is tatkal, where you will need to pay some extra fees but the passport is prepared and dispatched on priority basis. However, in conjunction with the extra charges, the applicant is additionally required to submit the Annexure E document. 

Annexure E can also mentioned as a self-declaratory affidavit which confirms that the applicant’s basic information, citizenship, and all other details are to be true. 

Annexure E could also be a general obligatory and a self declaratory
affidavit issued by a personal that states and confirms the applicants basic information, citizenship and each one other personal details that are claimed to be true. The applicants are also required to state that they hold no criminal record within the previous five years. additionally to this, the applicants need to confirm that the given information is accurate, legal and true from their side. This document (Annexure E) is therefore also used to check criminal records. 

Annexure e for passport filled sample 

I have created a filled sample of annexure e form/affidavit for you guys to created a tatkal passport.

Annexure e for passport filled sample

Some tips to fill this form-

  • We should always fill any form in the capital letters. 
  • Always use blue or black ball pen to fill any document or follow the rules mentioned.
  • Never use a gel pen to fill the form, this increases the risk of the form becoming defective.

Have a look at the steps given below to create an Annexure E Affidavit- 

How to Make Annexure E Affidavit ? 

Download the Annexure E form from the internet - and print it on a simple paper. Once the important details have been filled out, the applicant is required to sign at the lowest in conjunction with the date.

Who Should Make The Annexure E Affidavit?

Anyone who is applying for a passport and is required to state their address, personal details, criminal records, citizenship and other such information has needed to form this Annexure E affidavit.

What are the needs of Annexure E Affidavit? 

As stated earlier, Annexure E could also be a self declaratory affidavit carrying the private details of the applicant. the tiny print to be mentioned include the Applicant’s name, date of birth, address, father’s name, mother’s name, and spouse’s name (if married). additionally there to , the applicants also need to clearly mention the character during which the Indian citizenship was obtained, that is, was it by birth or descent or registration or naturalization etc. there's also a handout of a declaration to state that the applicant doesn't hold any record within the past five years.
Lastly, most of the people apply for passports through agents lately . it's advised that these applicants (especially) take a look at Annexure E Affidavit before it's sent into the passport office for verification.

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