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Annexure D for passport 

Annexure D for passport

Passports are the foremost common, and also the foremost reliable kind of self identification not just within the country but all across the world. Annexure D is an affidavit that is enclosed by the parents or the legal guardians when applying for a minor passport. By this affidavit, they confirm that they take sole responsibility for the minor’s expenditure and the applicants need to confirm that the given information is accurate, legal and true from their side. Based on this the authority will decide and issue a passport for the minor.

What information is required for annexure D form ? 

Minor’s Name, place of birth and date of birth

Minor’s parent’s Names and address

The minor child mentioned above is a citizen of India.

Name of the legal guardian's, who is applying for minor's passport

Parents/Legal gaurdian Passport Number or Aadhar Number or Vote ID Number

Appropriate ticks in I/We areas

Signatures of parents or legal guardians 

How to Make an Annexure D Affidavit ?

Follow the simple steps given below to make Annexure D Affidavit-

  1. Download the Annexure E form from the internet - 
  2. And print it on a simple paper.                       
  3. Fill in all the details required for Annexure D.
  4. Once the details have been filled out, the parents or the guardians is required to sign at the bottom along with the place and date.

Who Should Make An Annexure D Affidavit?

Anyone who is applying for Minor's passport and is required to state their address, DOB, birth place, personal details, citizenship and other such information has needed to form this Annexure D affidavit.

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