ECR passport Vs NON-ECR(ECNR) passport | Everything you need to know about it !

ECR Passport and Non-ECR passport 

Ecr passport and non-ecr passport

What is the difference between ECR and NON ECR passport? Today we will tell you another very good and important information in this post, it is very important for you to know this information. Earlier we had made a post in which you told how you can get passports. But today we will tell you in this post how many types are there. And you may or may not know this. Or you will not have any specific information about them. And very few people know. That passports are of two types.

One passport is ECR and the other is ENCR. So what is the difference between these two passports. And how are they. We will give you complete and detailed information about it in this post, so you read this information thoroughly. Because this information is very useful information while making your passport. It is very important to know about these two while making your passport. So if you read this information well and get passport done only then, below we are telling you about these two passports.

What is ECR in passport?

First of all, we will tell you what is an ECR passport. First of all, let us tell you what ECR means. ECR stands for Emigration Check Required Passport. This passport is made for those people who do not put their tenth marksheet in their document while making passport.

What is Non-ECR in passport?

So above you have known what is ECR passport and let us tell you what is ECNR passport. First of all we tell you. What does ECNR stand for? ECNR stands for Immigration Check Not Required. This passport is made for those who have made a class sheet mark sheet in their document at the time of making the passport, then those people are issued passport of NON ECR category. So below we will tell you what is the difference between ECR and NON ECR passports. It is very important for you to know this. Because this is the most important thing in a passport.

What is the difference between ECR and Non-ECR passports?

By the way, you will not see any difference between these two passports because it is a much bigger difference. So we tell you. What difference does it make. If you want to go abroad. With no intention other than your work or for anything else such as for treatment, for studies, or for traveling, you will not see any difference between ECR and NON ECR passports at that time because it is both one. As you work. If your ECR is a passport. You can still go And if NON ECR is passport. Can still go If a person with an ECR passport has a valid visa, valid passport and a return ticket, then the person can go abroad to visit, study or for any kind of treatment.

But the difference between these two passports proves there. All if you go to work in any country. If you want to go abroad for work. And you have an ECR passport. So you have to take Ofice of Protector of Emigrants clearance. Whenever you go to a country, there are immigration counters built above the airport. And from there you have to take clearance. If you go abroad for work. So before going to work in 18 countries, clearance has to be taken from the immigration counter, it is included in those 18 countries.

United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Qatar, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahri, Malaysia, Libya, Jordan, Yemen, Sudan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Syria, Lebanon, Thailand or Iraq. If you go to work in any one of these 18 countries and you have an ECR class passport. That is, it is such a passport. In which you did not put the marksheet of class X at the time of making passport. So in that case you have to take clearance from the immigration counter only then you can go to work in another country. If you have a non ECR class passport.

When you made a passport, you had to put a mark sheet of class X or above, along with your passport document. It is your passport. And you want to go to work in any of these 18 countries. So you do not need to take any kind of clearance. So in all these countries you can go with ECNR i.e. NON ECR category passport. You can go to work in another country without any problem. And this is the biggest difference between these two passports. ECR passport so that you may have difficulty going to work in other countries. And with the other means non-ECR passport, you will not have any problem to work in another country and you will not have to fulfill any formality.

Documents Required For ECR Passport Or Non ECR Passport

Some important documents are required to get a passport. By which the process of making passports is completed.

  • Address proof
  • Aadhar Card
  • Photograph
  • Birth certificate
  • 10th or 12th marksheet
  • residence certificate
  • Voter ID Card
  • driving license
  • Pan Card

If the 10th mark sheet is not applied to the document while creating the passport, it is ECR Passport and if the 10th mark sheet is attached then it is Non ECR Passport.

How to change ECR passport to ECNR(Non-ECR) Passport?

Below are some steps for you to ECNR your passport. Which can be followed by ECNR to ECR.

Step 1: Go To Website
First of all, you have to go to this website

Step 2: Click Option
Here you will get the option of Download Miscellaneous Service Form, click on it.

Step 3: Deletion Request
Remove the state's Emigration Check Required Request.

Step 4: Passing Certificates
Apply for your EC, 10th class and 12th class certificates for Non ECR Proof.

Step 5: Attach Attested Certificate
You have to apply Attested Certificate only.

Step 6: Attach Address Proof
Attach any address proof such as voter ID, ration card, electricity bill etc.

Step 7: Attach Pan Card
Put your PAN card.

Step 8: Pay Fees
You have to pay 300 rupees fee.

Step 9: Submit Current Passport
Submit current passport. With 2 photocopies of the last 4 pages and 2 photocopies of the initial 4 pages.

Step 10: Go to the Nearest Passport Office
Now go to your nearest passport office and submit this form along with the necessary documents.

Just your passport will be ECNR. In this way, you can ECNR your passport.
Now you will know what are NON ECR passports and ECR passports. And what is their job? What is the difference between these two. And now whenever you get a passport made, you should get a passport keeping these two things in mind so that you do not have any problem going forward and neither do you need to complete any other formality later and you will get your passport. No need to take

So today we have told you a very good and beneficial information in this post. In this post, what are your ECR and NON ECR passports. What is the difference between ECR and NON ECR passport? Full and detailed information is given about. At first you might not have got this information anywhere else, but it was very important to know this information. If you want to get a passport. So, in these two, you can get some kind of passport made. But you need to keep these two things in mind. So if you like the information given by us then do not forget to share. And if you have any question or suggestion about it, you can ask and comment in the comment box below.