How to change Name, Address, Date of Birth(DOB) and marital status in passport

How to change Name, Address, Date of Birth(DOB) and marital status in passport

How to change name, address, dob and marital status in passport

Today we will tell you another important and good information in this post, this information is very important for you. Because we have made you how to get passport on our website first and what we have to do to make passport. If you have given information about it, then after that you might have got a passport or have it made beforehand. So now I have got my passport made. But inside that you sometimes make a mistake.

As if spelling your name goes wrong. Or you have lived before, your address has changed. You have started living somewhere else. Or when you first got a passport on the post. Was unmarried at that time. You got married after getting passport. So you want to get these things recorded. How can you change your name address or other things in passport. Today we will give you complete and detailed information in this post so that you can make this change in your passport and for this you do not have any problem, then you read this post carefully for it.

How to correct passport mistakes?

How to change your name, address and date of birth in passport? You can apply online to get the passport changed. For this, you must first register on the Passport India website and if you have already created your account here. You are already registered here. Then you can login inside it. For this, first you have to go to Google Chrome on your computer. Then you will put the website in Google Chrome as soon as you enter it.

After entering it, Then you will be logged into this website, and after login, if you want to change the spelling of your name. Want to put your surname. Where it lived before. From there, you have started changing your address and staying somewhere else, you want to change the address in passport. Or you were not married when you got the passport. And after getting the passport made, you got married. You want to get it registered in the passport. For this, we are giving you the full detail below.

How to change name in passport

How to change name in passport?

If there is a mistake in your name or you were not married when you got a passport and you want to join it. Or want to delete. So for that, you should get your passport submitted to the passport office immediately. For that you will have to apply for passport online again. To apply online, you have to apply a form. Http:// From this link you can download that form. Then you will have to save the form by filling it online. And this form has to be uploaded online. Then after that you will have to take a printout of the same form and go to the passport office and submit it.

After that Passport office appointment will be available from this website. Then after that the form and your original document and the self attested copy with it will have to be submitted to the passport office, after that the police will investigate your document after checking the police, the corrected passport will be send via post to your home by the department.

Documents required for change of name in passport 

When you make any changes in your passport, then I am telling you about which document you will need for that. If you are making a change in the passport, then for that you will need this documents.

  • Old passport (original),
  • Self attested photocopy of the first two and last two pages of the passport,
  • New ID certificate,
  • Gazetted notification of name change,
  • Marriage certificate (if the surname after marriage or If you change the name),
  • Court order (if you add or remove anything in the name) and 
  • PAN card

You may need all these documents. When you make any changes in your passport. So you must keep these documents with you. And when you go to the passport office. So take these documents with you because you can ask for any kind of document there.

How to change address in passport

How to change address in passport?

If you lived in some other place before, and after getting a passport, then you have to change your place, for that how to find your home, first of all you should go to this link You have to apply online form by visiting. And after applying, it is to be printed out and submitted to the passport office. After that you will have to keep all the documents of your new address. Then take an appointment with the passport office from this website, then after that you take your self attested copy with the original document to the passport office, after which your document will be examined by the police, then after your passport is correct, the department will come to your home or Will be sent by the post office.

Documents required for change of address in passport

  • Old passport,
  • Water bill or electricity bill,
  • Income tax assessment order,
  • Voter ID,
  • Spouse passport copy,
  • Aadhaar card,
  • Registered rent agreement (if staying in rented house)
then these You must keep all documents with you when you go to the passport office.

How to change the dob in passport

How to change passport details after marriage?

There are many peoples who get passport done before marriage. So when they get married, how can they get those things registered in it. First of all, you have to apply online by going to the website of And if you want to change your surname in it. So for this you will have to download the form number 2 as well. And he has to apply after that from the passport office you will be told the time and date to go to the passport office. Then you have to take a printout of the form you have applied. And you have to go there with that printout. Then for that you will have to take some documents with you.

Which documents are required for this

You have to give self attested color photo copy of the first and last two pages of your spouse. And you have to go with your wife to the passport office because only then your documents will be valid and they will be checked. If you are not with your wife then you will not go to the passport office, your passport form will be rejected and it is not valid. If it is, then you will have to go to the Passport Office along with your wife, only then the documents on your passport will be verified.

So today we have told you a very important information in this post. Today's
 In the post, we have given you information about changing the name, address, date of birth in the passport and some other things besides these. Because many times these things are missed due to your fault or any problem you have. And that causes you trouble later. So if you want to change or correct these things in your passport. So follow the information given in this post and if you like the information given by us then do not forget to share and if you have any question or suggestion about it, you can ask it by commenting in the comment box below.