How to Make passport online | know everything about it

How to Make Passport Online 

You must have heard the name of Passport, today Passport is the most important document for going from one country to another, without Passport no one can go abroad and it is necessary to get Passport to go abroad. So do you also want to get your passport but do not know how to make Passport, then today we will tell you that How to Apply For Passport and And what documents are required to make Passport.

As India continues to move towards the digital world, today every work can be done online. Earlier, when we used to get passports, we had to make long lines, but today we can apply for online passports at home. So if you also want to know about How to make passport Online, then we are going to give you complete information about it.

What is mean by passport?

Passport is a document issued by the government of a country. Passport is a legal document, used to travel abroad. Passport gives the identity to the passenger and his citizenship while traveling abroad.

You can also use Passport for Identity Proof. Passport shows the citizenship of a person's country to which country he is a citizen. Passport contains the person's name, father's name, date of birth, gender, photo, signature of the person, etc.

Documents required to make passport

If you want to get a passport, then you will need some documents for the passport, only then you can apply for it. So let's know which documents are necessary for this.

Proof Of Present Address

  • Aadhar Card
  • Water Bill
  • Voter ID Card
  • Pan Card
  • Parent’s Passport Copy (If your parents' passport is made)

Proof Of Date Of Birth

  • Birth Certificate
  • Voter ID Card
  • 10th Marksheet

How to apply for passport online ?

If you want to apply for online Passport, then you will have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Visit Website

First of all you have to go to this website This is the official website of Online Passport Seva of India, open it and then click on New User Register Now. Now you will see a Passport Application Form which should be filled correctly.

Step 2: User Registration

  • First of all, you have to select where you want Passport to be built, if you have a Passport service center in your city, then leave First Option. Or you can also choose the CPV Delhi option, so that you can get Passport built from Delhi. After this, in the list of Passport Office, see which Passport center is near your city and select it.
  • Now you have to enter your name, after entering the name, write your Surname in the option of Surname below.
  • Now write your Date Of Birth.
  • Now write Email ID, if you want to login with this Email ID, then click Yes.
  • Write Username in Log In and click on Check Availability to check whether Username can be found or not, if not, change Username and check again.
  • Now enter password, the password should be such that you remember it, then enter your password again in Confirm Password. 
  • In Password Policy, see what kind of 
  • passwords you can create.
  • Select any answer in the Hint question and the answer should be such that it is short - Favorite Color Red This Hint comes to you when you forget the password.
  • Now fill in the character photo shown below.
  • After filling all the details, click on Register.

Step 3: Registration Confirmation

After registration is complete, go to the Inbox of your Email ID, in the Inbox, you will get the email of Passport Registration, open it and there you will get a link to activate the account, click on it.

After clicking on the link, you will go to the website of Passport, where you have to write the email ID which you had filled in the form. Your account will be activated, now for Passport Online Login again go to homepage where you have to login with Existing User Login.

Step 4: Apply For Fresh Passport

After login, now click on Apply For Fresh Passport.

The first option here is to download and fill the form and upload it again.
We will tell you with Second Option how you can fill the Passport Online Application Form.
In this, click here to fill the application form online in the second option.

Step 5: Present Residential Address

Here you have to select your state and district, then click on Next.

Step 6: Passport Type

  • Now click on Fresh Passport Option.
  • If you want Passport soon, select the immediate option, but for this you will have to charge more, so you select Normal.
  • Now select Page of Booklet.
  • In these 3 options, you first select the option and now click on Next.

Step 7: Applicant Details

  • Now write your name followed by your Surname.
  • Select your Gender (gender).
  • If you are called by any other name or not, select the option of No here.
  • Then you will be asked whether you have ever changed your name or not, if not then change it to Yes.
  • Write your date of birth in Date Of Birth, after that if you have been born outside India, do so or else click on No.
  • Write the name of State and District.
  • Select Married-Unmarried.
  • Wrote Birth in Citizenship Of India By
  • If you have a Pan Card or Voter ID, then fill it otherwise leave it blank.
  • Now write about your job.
  • If someone does a government job in your home or not, then select No.
  • How far have you studied your education?
  • Non-ECR Emigration Check Required means one who has passed 10th class pass, yes to Non-ECR otherwise click on No.
  • Now it is not necessary to fill the 2 options below.
  • Then click on Save My Details and click on Next.
  • Now a form will appear in front of you.

Step 8: Family Details

  • Now write Father's name, First and Middle Name.
  • Now write your father's Surname.
  • Now write Mother Name in First And Middle Name.
  • Write Surname of Mother.
  • Leave the Legal Guardian empty.
  • If you have written Married earlier in the form, then only you have to fill the name of Spouse, otherwise leave this option empty.
  • Now click on Save My Details and click on Next.

Step 9: Present Residential Address

  • Now you will be asked if you live outside India, if not then select No.
  • Now write the date where you have been staying since where you live.
  • Then write House No., Village, City, State, District.
  • Fill your Police Station Name which you have.
  • Fill the Pin Code of the Post Office.
  • Write Mobile Number.
  • Enter your Email ID.
  • Now you are being asked that where you live is the same Permanent Address, then yes, otherwise do it.
  • Click on Save My Details and click on Next.

Step 10: Emergency Contact

On the next page you have to enter someone's name for emergency contact, you can enter your father's name or your friend's name, then enter the mobile number, phone number and email ID, then click on Save My Details Click on Next.

Step 11: References

Now for References, contact details of 2 people have to be given, which will be for you as a witness that the details you have given are correct like- your home address.
You enter the details of any 2 people who know you well and you also know them, fill in the details and click on Save.

Step 12: Previous Details

Here, select No in the first option as you are applying for Fresh Passport.
If you have ever applied for Passport before and you have not received Passport, then click on Yes or No then click on No and then click on Next by Detail Save.

Step 13: Other Details

Now you will be asked some questions, read them carefully and answer them, like if you don't have any criminal record in the police station, then select no one, if you have ever committed a crime and you have gone to jail then all the questions are good Answer from it and then click on Next.

Step 14: Passport Preview Details

Here you can see your details, now take your photo and upload the photo of Signature, then click on Next.

Step 15: Self Declaration

Now fill the place name, then click on I Agree, if you want to activate their SMS service, then click on Yes, for which it will not cost 35 rupees, then click on No.
By clicking on the Preview Applications Form, you can see the details of your form and also take a print. After this, drop the page down there, you will ask that if you want to share your details with the Third Party, then select it no.
Then click on Save My Details and click on Submit Form.

Step 16: Pay And Schedule Appointment

Now you will get your Application Number, you have to click on Pay And Schedule Appointment.

Step 17: Choose Payment Mode

You can do online or offline payment.
If you want to make online payment, click on Online Payment and next.

Step 18: Schedule Appointment

You are being told that your Appointment is not done yet, click on Next.

Step 19: Appointment Availability

Now you will see the name of Passport Office and the Time Appointment can be found there.
Now select Passport Office and fill what is written in Captcha below and click on Next.

Step 20: Pay And Book Appointment

Now click on Pay And Book Appointment.
For Passport Online Payment, if you have SBI ATM or Internet Banking, then you choose SBI or if it is from another bank, then choose other card or credit card that you have.
On the next page, you have to fill the date of birth and mobile number, then click on Confirm.
Now fill your card details and pay it.
If you want to see any detail of your account, then go to the homepage of Passport website and login.
The first option in the services there is View Saved / Submitted Applications by clicking on it and selecting your application form, you can see its details.

How to view passport online

If you have applied for your passport but you want to check Passport Online Status means that your passport is still in the post office or has been removed by post, then for this you should follow the steps mentioned below You have to follow only then you will be able to see the status of the passport and do Passport Online Tracking.

Step 1: Track Application Status

First of all go to the passport service website, there you will see the option of Track Application Status, click on it.

Step 2: Fill Details

Now you have to fill some details to see Track Application Status.

Select Application Type - Here you have to select the application type.
File Number - You will have to enter the 15 digit alphanumeric code which you will find in your Passport Receipt.
Date Of Birth - Enter your date of birth here and click on Track Status.

Now you will see the status of your passport, if you get the speed post number in it, then you can track it.

How much money does it take to have a passport ?

Normally Passport making Fee costs at least Rs 1500, but if the new or re-issued Passport of 36 Pages is with a validity of 10 years then the application fee is Rs 1,500 / - and the additional passport Tatkal Fee is Rs 2,000 / -. And the new or reissued Passport of 60 pages is with a validity of 10 years, then the application fee is Rs 2,000 / - and the additional instantaneous fee is Rs 2,000 / -. So this is the Passport Online Fees that you should have known about.

How many days does it take to get a passport ?

If you have these 4 main documents:

●Aadhar Card

●Pan Card

●Voter ID

●Affidavit for not having a criminal record

Those who are considered necessary to issue Passport, it is all documents, then within a week your Passport will be released.


So friends, you must have understood everything about what is Passport and how to make passport, so if you are also thinking of going abroad but you have not yet made your passport, then you can pass online with the help of this post. Can apply for We gave you complete information about Passport uses, how passports were made and how much it costs to make passport, etc.

So if any of your friends or relatives who want to get passport also told them about how to apply Passport Online so that they can also apply for online passport. If you liked the information, then do it like and share, thank you!