Police verification for passport | Now becomes more easy!

Police verification for passport | Now becomes more easy!

After adding online action in the process of making passport, there was a lot of simplicity in this process. But now this process has been made even easier and time-saving. The police verification which used to take 21 days to get a passport, now that work will be done in a few hours. For this, no one will have to go round the police station or the post. This work has also been almost done online.

This will be a new system

The M Passport app will be used in this new process. All the documents of the applicant will be uploaded on this app. The SSP office of the district will also be able to view the documents on this app. This will also be reported in the concerned police station of the applicant.

Tablet will be in the police station

The special thing of this whole process is that a table will be given to the Nodal Passport Policemen at the police station. Now the policeman will go to the passport applicant's house and take a photo of the documents and then take the signature of the applicant and send it to the SSP office from there. From where those documents will go to the passport office. In this case, the work of days will be done in a few hours. In this regard, policemen have also been given a training in Lucknow.

Old process for passport verification 

Till now, the documents of the applicant were sent to the SSP office for verification during passport preparation. Where the documents used to go to the concerned police station. Then the applicant and his two neighbors were called to the police station for verification of documents. Based on their statements, the police report was prepared and sent the file back to the SSP office. This work took at least 10 to 12 days. However, 21 days is given by the Passport Office for verification.