Aadhar Card loan - How to get loan on Aadhar Card upto 25 lacks

Aadhar Card loan - How to get loan on Aadhar Card

Aadhaar card is a document that is being used everywhere today. Aadhar card is necessary for every job. If you want to do any work online, Aadhaar card is used. The Aadhaar card has been made mandatory in all government schemes and the Aadhar card has become mandatory in private institutions as well. Friends, we all know that in today's time, every person needs a loan, but we have to pay a lot of interest on taking loans from private banks.

Aadhar Card loan - loan on Aadhar Card

But now you do not need to worry because now the loan can also be taken through Aadhaar card. The Government of India keeps delivering new schemes to the people, whose benefits are given to the public. To make the process of lending even easier, the government has started several schemes in which the government has also started giving loans online on Aadhaar card.

So if you also need a loan and you are looking for a loan, then your search ends here because today we are going to tell you about how to take a loan from Aadhar Card, if you also take a loan from Aadhar Card If so, we will give you all the information about what you will have to do to get a loan with Aadhaar card.

How to get loan on Aadhar Card?

Loan on Aadhar Card 

Nowadays, many schemes are being given loans. It is very easy to take loan from online Aadhar Card. Government of India is now giving loans on Aadhaar card, through this, the Aadhar card holder can get a loan of up to 25 lakh with the help of Aadhar card. If your financial situation is not good and you have to build a house or start your own business or to grow your business, then you can get a loan on Aadhaar card. Under this scheme farmers are also exempted. Every citizen of India can get loan through Aadhaar card home loan. In this, you can get many different types of loans.

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Which documents are required to get a loan on Aadhar Card 

Loan on Aadhar Card 

You will never get loan money directly, your money comes from the bank account itself. You will need some documents for the loan.

For salaried person

  • Identity proof: Aadhar card / PAN card / Passport / Voter ID card / Driving license
  • Residence proof: Passport / ration card / driving license / utility bill / fare agreement
  • Income Proof: Last 3 months bank statement or 6 months bank passbook
  • Last 3 months pay slip or current salary certificate.
  • Latest form 16
  • Photo

For self employed person

  • PAN card of the applicant or his company / firm
  • Proof of Identity: Aadhar Card / PAN Card / Passport / Voter ID Card / Driving License
  • Residence proof: Passport / ration card / driving license / utility bill / fare agreement
  • Income Proof: Latest 6 month bank statement
  • Latest ITR with income calculation, balance sheet, profit and loss statements - certified by a CA.
  • Business continuity proof
  • Photo

How to get loan on Aadhar Card

Loan on Aadhar Card/Aadhar Card loan

To take a loan from online Aadhar Card, some qualifications have to be fulfilled. Only then you can get this loan. Let us know what the qualifications should be for this.

  • The borrower must be able to repay the loan.
  • For taking a loan through Aadhaar card, it is necessary to have a mobile number and email ID.
  • The person who is taking a loan should be over 18 years of age.
  • A person taking loan from Aadhar Card must be a citizen of India.
  • You have not taken loan from other bank on Aadhaar card.
  • You must have a bank account and PAN card.

How to apply for Aadhar Card Home Loan

Aadhar Card loan 

First of all, you have to submit your necessary documents to apply for a personal loan, after that you can easily apply for a personal loan online by showing your Aadhaar card as KYC proof in any bank. Aadhaar card is accepted by most banks as proof of identity, address, citizenship and birth. There are various benefits of using your Aadhaar card for personal loan approval process.

List of top banks and NBFCs using Aadhaar card as primary identity proof:

  • HDFC Personal Loan
  • ICICI Personal Loan
  • SBI Personal Loan
  • PNB Personal Loan
  • Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan
  • Tata Capital Personal Loan
  • Indiabulls Personal Loan
  • Citibank Personal Loan
  • Yes Bank Personal Loan


So if you are also poor and you also need money, then you can take any loan you need from home loan, personal loan, property or plot loan etc. from the above mentioned process, just with Aadhar card loan Should have the above mentioned qualifications and documents. If you liked the post, do like and share the post, as well as share this post with your friends and family so that if they too need a loan, then they can get information about taking a loan on Aadhar Card, thank you!