What is Aadhar Virtual ID? How to generate Aadhar Virtual ID

What is Aadhaar Virtual ID? How to generate Aadhaar Virtual ID

Hello friends, today we will tell you what is the Virtual ID if you also want to use the Aadhaar App. And want to get information about how to create Aadhaar Virtual ID, then you have come to the right place. We will give you complete information through this post.

What is Aadhar Virtual ID

You will also know how to generate Aadhar Virtual ID through this post.Hope you like all our posts.

Nowadays we have to use Aadhaar Card for all the work. It is necessary to place our Aadhaar Card in whatever work you do. If we have to do any work of the bank or fill an examination form, then it is also necessary to put an Aadhaar card in it.

Aadhaar Card can also be misused when used in such a place. So we have to take care of the Saftey of Aadhaar Card. And that's why the government has now said to use Virtual ID. So that if you do not want to share your Aadhaar Card Number, then you can use this Aadhar Virtual ID.

So let's now know what the Aadhaar Card Virtual ID would be and if you too want to use it, then read this post Aadhaar App from beginning to end. You will get full information about it.

What is Aadhar Virtual ID?

Aadhar Virtual ID is the number of 16 Digit. Which you can use instead of the number 12 of your Aadhaar Card. Virtual ID can be created for any Aadhaar Card in no time. So that any kind of verification or KYC is done easily.

And you can create any number of virtual IDs from the same Aadhaar Number. A virtual ID is a clone of Aadhaar Card containing information. In which the basic Detail of the user like Name, Address and Photo can be shared only.

No other person, but only the Card Holder, will be able to generate Virtual ID from UIDAI's website, Aadhaar App or Aadhaar Center. This ID can be generated more than once. And it remains valid for a time. And when new code is generated, the old code will be Invalid.

How to generate Aadhar Virtual ID?

You can generate Aadhaar Virtual ID from Uidai's website. It will be considered for one day only. You can get it daily if needed. You can generate Aadhaar Virtual ID by following the information given below.

Generate Aadhar Virtual  ID 

Step 1: Go to website

First of all, you have to go to its Website Generate Virtual ID.

Step 2: Aadhaar Number

Now Page Open will be in front of you. In that, you have to enter your Aadhaar Number first.

Step 3: Enter Security Code

In this you have to enter Security Code (Captcha).

Step 4: Send OTP

Now click on Send OTP Button.

Step 5: Enter OTP

On clicking Send OTP, an OTP will come from your Aadhaar Card on the Registered Mobile Number. Which you have to enter in the OTP field Option in the Right Side.

Step 6: Generate vid

After this you have to select Generate Vid and click on Submit and as soon as you click “Congratulations! Your Vid Number Successfully Generated And Sent To Your Registered Mobile ”would be such a message show. Meaning your Vid has been sent to your mobile.

What is Aadhar Virtual ID? How to generate Aadhar virtual ID

What is mAadhar App?

Maadhar App was launched to make Aadhaar Card System much easier. And this app has been made to enhance Digital Technology. Aadhaar Card can be opened in Smartphone at any time through this app.

mAadhar app Aadhar Virtual ID

All Android Smartphone Users will be able to use it. This is an absolutely free app. With the help of this, any Smartphone user will be able to access their Aadhaar Card. And any information related to Aadhaar Card can be obtained from your Smartphone only.

How to download mAadhar App

You can also download this app. To download it, follow the steps given below:

Download App

First of all, you have to download this app Download mAadhaar App You can also download it from Google Playstore. And you can also download directly by visiting this link.

Install mAadhar App

Now after downloading the app, install it.

Enter Aadhaar Number

After installing the app, you have to enter your Aadhaar Number. And the password for the App also has to be entered.

Enter OTP

After this, an OTP will be found on your Registered Mobile Number. Enter that OTP in the App.

Personal Information

After entering OTP, you will get some information in it. Name, Dob, Gender, Photo, Address Apart from this, you can also update your profile with the help of this app.

How Aadhar Virtual ID works?

Whenever we need Aadhaar Card Number, then it can generate its 16 digit virtual number at the same time from Uidai's website or Maadhaar App. And we can use this virtual number to replace our Aadhaar Card. All Virtual IDs are scheduled.

Which is valid up to a time. Whenever you need your Aadhaar Card Number at any place such as Passport to be built, to buy a Sim Card or to open a Bank Account, you can generate a Virtual Number and give them at the same time.

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Benefits of Aadhaar Virtual ID

There are many benefits of using Aadhaar Virtual ID. Which are explained to you below:

  • No one can know your Aadhaar Card Number from this. And no other person can generate Virtual ID of the user. Only the user can generate it. Because for this OTP will come on the user's mobile number.
  • You will not have to give your Aadhaar Card Number to anyone to take advantage of any service. So that your Aadhaar Card Number will be safe.
  • It also has Biometric Locking / Unlocking Feature to keep personal data safe. Meaning that if the user locks the app, then the app remains locked until the user unlocks the app again.
  • Your Aadhaar Card Number will now be absolutely safe. No one can use it wrongly.
  • It will be used in place of your Aadhaar number to do all online Authentication.
  • VID is a Temporay number.
  • Only one VID Number Generate will be generated at a time and the new one will become useless once it is generated.
  • Your Aadhaar number will be safe because Aadhaar number cannot be removed from VID.
  • There is no need to generate a virtual ID, you can also provide your Aadhaar number.
  • No agency can force anyone, whether private or for government Aadhaar numbers.
  • When VID Validity remains until the new VID is generated.
  • If you download the Aadhaar card online then Last Generated VID is sent to your mobile number.
  • There is no stopping in generating VID. You can generate several times according to your use.


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